I am Ash Moorehead, Founder/Owner of Custom Corporate Candles - the innovative way to market your business!

I have been hand crafting natural soy wax candles and running a successful candle/homewares business of my own for 3 years now. We have lots of businesses wanting to wholesale our candles... However, we go one step further.. We give you an exclusive opportunity to have your own branded candles at the same price you would if you were purchasing (and progressing another brand's candle range!).. 

Yes that's right.. We offer you the chance to pay the same amount, make the same profit, as you would by selling or gifting any other brand of candles BUT you also get to market your own brand (not someone else's), design your own exclusive range of candles, and strengthen your overall sales, brand marketing and customer loyalty...

Custom Corporate Candles has been created to cater for innovative businesses/brands/events who want to stand out from their competitors. I feel passionate about providing a platform so that your business/brand or event can stand out from the crowd and ignite a lasting impression on your customers, clients or guests.

Custom Corporate Candles has a strong focus on using the finest quality, natural products including the use of natural soy wax and cotton wicks. We have not only the finest but totally exclusive library of fragrances designed by our own Australian based Perfumer.